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Noodex Trading Group was established in order to provide comprehensive commerce services.

Noodax Concept was established in order to provide comprehensive commerce services. Some of the most important services and potentials of Noodax Concept are:
  • Representing exportation of all foreign companies in Turkey and Iran and selling individual products and services inside the country;
  • Buying products and services, on behalf of you, from domestic sellers and exporting them to you.
  • Allowing foreign companies to invest on different economic sectors .shareholder.as the significance of the subject indicates, it would satisfy you since if your project needs investment in Iran and Turkey.
  • Sending invitation letter from Turkey and Iran to individuals or companies, doing hotel reservation, coordinating the visit to industrial or production factories or, added to visting Iranian and Turkish traders or businessmen.
  • Clearing imported goods and delivering them to your customers in Turkey and Iran
  • Transiting all your goods from Turkey and Iran to other countries.
  • Providing an opportunity to register a branch of your company in Turkey and Iran;
  • Featuring services for opening a bank account, either for you or your company, in all public and private Turkish and Iranian banks.
  • Featuring you internet portal for selling your goods and services directly online in Turkish and Iranian currency.
  • Making it possible to sell your products, commercial goods, and services in cash in Turkey and Iran or send the money to anywhere in the world as soon as possible. You can send the money in T.T and change it to your desired currency (Euro, Dollar, etc. ) through banking system or exchange centers authorized by Central Bank of turkey and Iran. Having this services at hand, you need not to worry about return of the money earned from exporting goods to Turkey and Iran.
  • Featuring consulting services on different kinds of goods insurance in Turkey and Iran presented through valid insurance companies.
  • Giving you official receipts and documents approved by Turkey and Iran Tax Administration office,
  • Certifying added-value for selling goods and services to government or private agencies in Turkey and Iran,. Therefore, you can get your money back without any loss, that is, we are responsible for paying tax of goods and services sold in Turkey and Iran.
  • We are equipped with modern warehouses to depot goods imported to Turkey and Iran.
  • Marketing for your commercial goods and services in Turkey and Iran.
  • Pre-buying agricultural products fromTurkish and Iranian farms (date, pistachios, and dried fruits), exporting them to you with your desired package style along with documents required for customs in a target country.
  • Providing various transportation services (marine, rail, and road) to send goods all over the country, (Turkey and Irann)
  • Featuring opportunities to invest on commercial projects in your country.
  • Giving commercial representation to you or your company to enable you promote commercial services in your country.
  • Providing counseling services for investment in a trading and stock market of Turkey and Iran; technical analysis of capital market in Turkey and Iran along with free evaluation of your company.
It is the pleasure for our counseling and service unit to help you, if required, in any case to get your answers. We are ready to respond to your question, 24 hours a day, by fax, email, telephone.
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