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Noodax Trading Presentation

Noodax Concept having sufficient experiences in the field of Business, Sale Business Services, Its focus on purchasing and ordering goods and also transport and customs clearance from each corner of the world is capable of.

Also by having personnel stationed in the country to customs clearance of all goods trade with inquiries and obtaining the approval of organizations and the organizations of interest country’s customs is capable of.

The company is proud to announce that for the convenience of our customers we provide all the services provided by an official invoice codes and certified value-added business and if you wish services offered by any natural or legal persons is.

The company used to transfer foreign exchange to import or export earnings to get a view of the problems for some foreign companies to trade directly with Iran in order to solve this problem and to establish the offices of the Independent overseas trade that it can be the most respected businessmen in resolving the problems. Some of the most important services and potentials of Noodax Concept are:


  • Investment consulting
  • Commerce consulting
  • Banking consultation
  • Insurance advisory
  • Logistical consultation
  • How to establish and certify Legal entities for Business in Turkey and Iran
  • Advising and consulting on Turkey and Iranian Stock Markets and Products.
  • Tariff consulting
  • Legal Advise and consultation.

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  • Money order and Certified Funds processes.
  • Establishment of Bank Account for Individuals and Companies in A credited Financial Institutions.
  • Receiving your products and becoming your representative in Turkey and Iran.
  • Overseeing the Commerce Contracts.
  • Offering varieties of Insurance services.
  • Providing Complete and comprehensive services in order to participate in major Turkey and Iranian conventions.